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Other Verifications
Social Security Verification, Plus Previous Address History:
The Social Security Verification checks the validity of the applicant’s Social Security number against Credit Bureau databases. The trace also identifies AKA’s that have been used or other names that are attached to the number. Address history for the past seven years is usually listed.

Sex Offender:
Details in the report usually include identifiers, registered address, aliases, case numbers and charge(s), conviction details, and period of incarceration.

Education Verifications:
Confirmation of the applicants highest of level of education. We will verify institutions, dates, major areas of study, degrees earned and transcript information.

Professional License Verification:
Useful for verifying professional licenses and certifications as well as providing the applicant’s standing with a regulatory body. Based on information submitted, NECS® will contact the necessary licensing agencies and verify standing. NECS® will also verify dates and any other information critical to the license.

National Wants and Warrants:
This is a nationwide search of local, county, state and federal extraditable warrants. This may include misdemeanors or felonies. This database is owned and maintained by a government agency and all law enforcement agencies participate in the database. The reporting is the sole responsibility of the state and/or agency in charge of the pending warrant. We make no warranty either expressed or implied to the accuracy or validity of the information provided. All information is provided as is.

OFAC is the Office of Foreign Asset Control and is part of the United States Department of Treasury. OFAC is responsible for administering and enforcing economic and trade sanctions against certain nations, entities and certain individuals. OFAC maintains a listing of these restricted counter parties in a document called the Specially Designated Nationals List. (SDN)