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11/7/2013 - Major Change to IRP

(Jasper, IN) - For the first time in many years, the IRP membership has passed a ballot bringing substantial change to the IRP plan. This plan change will impact companies beginning January 1, 2015.

In late October, the IRP voting membership passed a ballot known as the Full Reciprocity Plan or FRP. In essence, the FRP does away with the use of estimated miles both for new registrants and during the IRP renewal process. All fleets will now receive all 48 states, DC and 10 Canadian provinces on their registration cards, thus eliminating the need for any trip permits for jurisdictions not listed on the registration.

Further it eliminates the need for adding states to the fleet throughout the course of the year as new business is attained. Prior to the change, both scenarios were costly for companies.

IRP renewal fees will continue to be based on where your fleet accrues actual miles and those vehicles in the IRP fleet will be considered to be fully registered for both intra-jurisdictional and inter-jurisdictional travel. This is especially impactful for companies that respond to natural disasters and provide emergency response.